Monday, January 16, 2017

After Much Thought....

....I have decided how I am going to work this out.  I have been soooo lazy for the last 10 years.  Not to mention that 3 years ago this March I had a masectomy on my right side too.  No excuses!

We went out to dinner Saturday.  We took my MIL and her boyfriend to a mystery dinner train dinner.  I was really excited about getting all dressed up.  I felt good when I was getting ready.  My hair was fabulous and looked great, make up was perfect.  I was feeling really good....until....I looked in the mirror.  Why is it that we look alot fatter than we feel?  I looked like a whale in a sparkly dress.  Talk about taking the air out of your sails!  Ever since then, I feel "jiggly".  Ugh!

So I thought about how I was going to tackle this weight thing.  My eating habits are horrible.  I  really learned how to eat since BC (before children) I could eat anything that I wanted and never gain a pound.  Those days are long gone though.  The poor eating habits caused me to gain weight and the weight gain made it harder to move around.  So now I know what happened.

Now to undo it.

For the first part of this, I am going to follow Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  I like the fact that she has workout routines to follow along with a menu.  In place of her cardio routine though, I am going to also do the "Couch to 5k" program.  I am hoping to run my first 5k this year.

I know....big dreams....

So, tomorrow is the big day!  D Day!  I went and bought all the food I need for the week.  Tonight I am going to get a good night's sleep to wake up early for a morning workout.  I am also not weighing myself.  I am going to measure myself once a week.  Mondays seems like a good day for that.  I did measure myself tonight.  Talk about a good way to ruin your week!

Bust:  44
Waist:  40
Hips:  43
Left thigh:  26.5

For me, measuring is more accurate than weighing.  I really don't care what I weigh.  I do care what my measurements are and how I feel.  Now, I feel fat and out of shape.  My goal is to lose 10 - 12" on my waist and for my thighs to be half the size of my hips.  Measuring I will be able to alter my goals.  For instance, if I lose inches in my bust, then my waist and hips are going to have to be altered.  Also, I really don't know how much I should weigh.

I also want to quit smoking.  Yes, I am a smoker.  I did switch to an additive free, all natural cigarette.  I'm ready to quit now.  They say the additives are to make nicotine more addictive.  I have cut down quite a bit since switching.  I went from a pack a day to a pack every 3 days.

So now to get a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day!  I might even post a before pic if you are unlucky....

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