Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 2 Day 10!

This is a new record, 2 posts in one week.

I had to share though!

I was "feeling thin" this morning.  I went to pull down my shirt and I actually, get ready to be surprised, felt an ab!

That's right!  AN AB!

I got so giddy that I grabbed the measuring tape and there it was.  Right on the tape.


That's what I'm talking about!  3"!  GONE!!  That is so freaking amazing!  I can feel it even though you can't see it....yet.

I need to put that pic on the fridge to remind myself before I go and grab something.  I think I could suck it in more but I wanted the pics to be pretty much as I normally am.  I can feel my double chin leaving.  I feel so bad for the Chinese family who used to reside there.

This has really inspired me to keep it up.  It's working!  I know it's only my second week but I am very impatient.  I was really mad that I wasn't skinny after the first day!  This week has been a crazy week for working out too.  We've had 2 Valentine dances at work that we put on so I haven't had the nights to run.  My husband was supposed to be out of town and that changed.  So it's kinda sucked for working out.

As for right now, I feel a workout coming on.

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